For over 75 years, VALENTIN has been developing and expanding its industrial know-how. Research, innovation and investment have enabled the company to constantly improve its production techniques.

The Feuquières-en-Vimeu site in Hauts-de-France today covers 25,000 m² and brings together all the skills needed to design, manufacture and ship its products. This integration strategy and automated production help optimise industrial processes and are major assets for the company.

Innovation, quality, eco-design and repairability
The responsiveness of the After-Sales Service illustrates the culture of service and the close relationship Valentin has had with its professional and private customers for 75 years. This desire for transparency and training is also on show in the 150 m² showroom. Precursor, Valentin cultivates its sense of innovation and thinks on the sanitary equipment of tomorrow: shower drains removable from the outside, the invention of the first hydromassage shower column, the flattest shower drain on the market, an adjustable-height floor drain, walk-in bathtubs... Placing use by the installer and end user at the heart of its approach, the Research and Development department has also created exclusive drainage technologies: "FIT EXPRESS" for easy and fast installation, "SPACE FIT" to optimise space-saving with adjustable solutions, "CLEANY QUICK" with direct access to the pipes, facilitating cleaning without tools or chemicals, and "CONNECTIC" for a quick interlocking connection.

To provide high-quality and efficient products, VALENTIN's teams are involved on a daily basis and at every stage of the control process. Valentin's drainage products are guaranteed for 10 years and easy to repair, thanks to careful monitoring of the spare parts available.

The R&D department designs new ranges, produces prototypes and prepares the industrialisation of products. The engineering team also design in-house moulds and prototypes using 3D printing equipment. The company has more than 4,000 injection moulds. The integrated tool workshop offers VALENTIN the autonomy and flexibility required to adapt production to customer demand.

Centralised organisation and flow optimisation
All raw materials are checked before use. Parts produced on demand are stored in 2 automated component storage towers, then sent to the assembly stations as and when production orders are made. The various services, tools and workstations integrated in the manufacturing and supply chains are connected to each other via ERP, ensuring continuous and instantaneous communication between them. Smart DATA optimises manufacturing processes and improves flexibility in order to adapt to demand in real time.

Production tool
Valentin has a powerful production tool and mastery of multiple manufacturing techniques:
Plastic injection for the different drainage components (24 multi-purpose presses from 60 to 280 tonnes)
Extrusion and blowing for connection, overflow and shower hoses
Thermoforming for bathtubs, whirlpool tubs and bathtub panels
Stamping for the stainless steel parts which form the grids, waste flanges and clamping plates
Testing laboratoryall products are controlled on test bench facilities in compliance with the NF norms.

Agility and reduction of lead times
The finished parts are packed on the 6 bagging lines and stored in the 4,000 m² semi-automatic logistics warehouse. Automation and organisational logic at every stage enables VALENTIN to be flexible and efficient, in terms of both production and supply.

Responsiveness is improved and delivery times are kept to a minimum. The logistics site can manage different types of delivery circuits: points of sale, platform, cross-dock, direct home delivery. VALENTIN's policy to develop its know-how, increase its skills and improve its productivity guarantees the company the resources needed for its sustainability, growth and success.

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