Anti-vacuum valve

Anti-vacuum valves have been developed for basins and sinks. This module is positioned at the siphon outlet and avoids noise and odours.

Articulated flap

The articulated flap pivots inside the waste to ensure opening or closing.



The bowl is the hollow part of the waste which forms a receptacle for the plug or flap.


Centre distance

The centre distance is the space between the wall fixings of the shower bars, handsets or columns. VALENTIN offers centre distances which are adjustable in height, allowing existing holes in the tiling to be used following renovation or to adapt to user size.

Cleany Quick

Technology deployed by VALENTIN to facilitate cleaning. Access to the pipe is direct: cleaning can be done without tools or corrosive products.

Compression pump

The compression pump of a whirlpool bath sucks water through the strainer, pressurises it and propels it through the nozzles. The more powerful the pump, the more effective the massages will be.


Technology designed by VALENTIN to simplify the assembly of basin or sink drainage thanks to connection rings with snap-on seals. The various tubes and elements can thus be connected by simple interlocking.

Control knob

The control knob is the rotary mechanism which opens and closes a bathtub's valve to fill or empty it.



Or click-clack. Opens and closes with the touch of a finger. This is the case with our universal drain for washbowls


The diverter is the device for changing the direction of the water supply in the circuit. It allows 2 connections: high outlet or hand shower.

Double autofix seal

These seals are specific to VALENTIN products. They allow faster assembly: the seal keeps the drain in place on the sanitary equipment during assembly (shower tray, bathtub, etc.). This seal has been developed for products like the new-generation "5820" cable bathtub drainage system, or the "Minime" extra-flat shower drain. It guarantees complete sealing.

Drain plug

The drain plug allows access to the siphon and facilitates emptying and cleaning.

Drain or waste

The drain is the part fixed to the outflow opening of a basinsink, shower and other sanitary equipment. The drain consists of:
- a body
- a bowl
- a closing device (plug, collector, grill, flap or cover)
For showers, the siphon drains are called shower wastes. They have an integrated siphon.

Draining tray

A sink generally has 1 or 2 main bowls. It is sometimes equipped, for greater comfort of use, with an additional mini-bowl called a draining tray.




The flap or plug is the cover which covers the basin drain. It can come in different forms: round, square, digiclick, fixed, click-clack…

Fit Express

Technology developed by VALENTIN to facilitate drainage installation: thanks to integrated seals, double Autofix seals, a clamping plate or universal products.

Flow modulator

The flow modulator is a system which lets you adjust the water flow of a hand shower, according to use.
There are 5 possible jets, variable depending on the shower heads: rain jet, massaging jet, foaming jet, combined rain/massaging jet, power jet.

Free-flow waste

The plug of a free-flow waste remains constantly open. This drain is strongly recommended for basins or washbowls without an overflow, to avoid the water overflowing.

Function selector

The function selector is a device which lets you choose the high shower head, hand shower or massage nozzle functions on a hydromassage column or His and Hers shower combination.


Horizontal outlet

The horizontal outlet characterises drainage (drain, trap or siphon) designed to be connected through the wall.



Levelling wedge

The levelling wedge allows the column to be positioned and rebalanced when there is a difference in surface depth (e.g. a tile then a painted wall).


Mechanical tap

The mechanical tap mixes hot and cold water by means of one (mixer) or two (mixer) manually operated levers.



The nozzle is the adjustable duct on the walls of the bathtub which mixes air and water and expels the assembly under pressure. It allows air in through the Venturi effect and provides a feeling of gentle or invigorating massage, depending on the programme chosen.


Orientable outlet

The orientable outlet adapts to the drain's location: whether on the floor or on the wall.


The overflow corresponds to the opening in the upper part of the basin, sink or bathtub which collects water before it overflows. By extension, the overflow refers to the complete kit which connects this opening to the drain and siphon. The universal overflow is perfect for all diameters and materials.

Overflow drain

The overflow drain is very popular for deep sinks (communal-type). Its tube allows it to be removed easily without having to plunge your hand into the waste water.

Overlay plug

The overlay plug covers the bowl of the basin drain.

Overflow tee

The overflow tee is located at the end of the overflow kit and fits into the upper opening of the sink, basin or bathtub.
The tee adapts to the opening depending on its thickness, diameter 24 or 30 for basins, or its round or rectangular shape for sinks.

Overflow tube

The overflow tube allows water entering through the overflow tee to be drained towards the waste and siphon.



Click-clack bathtub drain that's opened and closed with the foot. This is the case with our flap valve reference for bathtubs.


Person with reduced mobility. Valentin offers many PRM-adapted products. In particular, space-saving drainage under washbowls which lets a wheelchair get under the washbowl.


Return plug

The return plug is inserted in the drain bowl.


The rosette is a circular ornament which allows a neat finish when installing a wall outlet for a basin siphon.


Sealing mat

The sealing mat is a tiled coating for walk-in showers that guarantees impermeability.

Shower channel

The shower channel is a solution to replace a round or square drain in walk-in showers. It was designed thin and long, and thus provides a stylish and elegant finish.

Shower waste for extra-flat shower tray

The shower waste for extra-flat shower tray adapts to new sanitary trends: walk-in showers or those with the thinnest base possible. VALENTIN has developed the smallest drain on the market: 48 mm.

Siphon or trap

The siphon also called trap is the device inserted between the sanitary appliance and the waste water network. It ensures the flow of water and retains bad odours. The classic siphon has an oblong shape, ensuring sufficient water retention to block odours. The recommended water trap is 50 mm. VALENTIN offers a new generation of dual-material traps with integrated seals.


The slope effect is necessary to ensure a good drainage rate of at least 1 % per meter. Some models of VALENTIN shower drains have an integrated slope effect.

Soft anti-scale spikes

On a handshower or a top shower head, soft anti-scale spikes allow quick and efficient cleaning with a simple manual movement. The jets are not obstructed. The water flows from the shower head in a neat, smooth and pleasant way.


The strainer is the filter placed in whirlpool tubs which draws water to supply the pump in a closed circuit.

Space Fit

Technology created by VALENTIN which allows considerable space-saving to adapt to new trends and health constraints (shower with extra-flat shower tray, vanity unit with storage, etc.)

Shower stop

The shower stop or water stop can save up to 50% of water. The stop position effectively makes it possible to cut the water off temporarily while soaping, and maintain its temperature in the case of mechanical taps.

Shower tray legs

The shower tray legs are the feet which allow a shower tray to be installed indirectly on the ground. Our shower tray legs are tested to withstand heavy loads and guarantee stability.


Telescopic bar

The telescopic bar lets you adjust the height of the shower column to fit the height available below the ceiling. It is ideal for a low-ceilinged room or a bathroom in the attic, for example.

Thermostatic mixer or tap

The thermostatic mixer or tap is the device that compensates for variations in the flow from the general supply network and thus makes it possible to deliver water at a constant temperature. It can 'remember' the water temperature between two uses and modify the flow rate without affecting the temperature, and above all includes a protection system against high temperatures. It provides great user comfort and guaranteed safety when used by children or if the cold water supply is suddenly cut off.


This consists of connecting tubes, pipes or tees between the waste(s) and the siphon.


Universal connection solutions

This is the new generation of VALENTIN plumbing kits for sinks and washbasin. These consist of integrated dual-material pipes which connects the sink or basin drain(s) to the waste water pipework: easy to fit together, and adjustable in height, width and depth. Equipped with a trap, this is the solution to save installation time and free up maximum space for storage.

Universal drain

The universal waste or drain (internal link to 123900) includes uncapped lanterns.
It adapts to washbowls with or without an overflow.
It has the advantage of a body that can be cut to fit any thickness of basin or countertop.

Universal waste

The universal waste can be cut to adapt to the thickness and material of the basin or washbowl. A lantern can also be easily pierced to add an overflow.

Unslotted tail waste

The universal waste can be cut to adapt to the thickness and material of the basin or washbowl. A lantern can also be easily pierced to add an overflow.


Venturi effect

This is when air is drawn in by the displacement of water in a conduit. It allows water and air to mix through the nozzles. The greater the air intake, the more powerful the jet. It's the mixture of water and air which forms the visible bubbles at the nozzle outlet.

Vertical outlet

The vertical outlet characterises drainage (drain, trap or siphon) designed to be connected through the wall.


Walk-in shower drainage

Waste with lantern

Also called slotted tail waste, the waste with lantern is suitable for basins or washbowls with an overflow.The lantern corresponds to the drain's opening, which is fitted with a tube connected to the overflow. The overflow lantern is a safety device which prevents the basin from overflowing.

Water trap

The water trap also called water seal is the constant reserve of water, systematically created in the siphon, which blocks odours from the waste water network coming inside the house. Operation of the water trap:
1. Use of the sanitary appliance (basin, sink, shower, bathtub, etc.)
2. The water empties and flows into the pipes
3. A small amount of water is kept in the siphon, forming a natural "buffer" against bad odours

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