Showrooms and novelties



Easy to install and clean, VALENTIN has developed products to make life easier for installers and users.

Discover the DIY apartment in a 360 ° virtual tour.


Ecological cleaning without chemicals, system to limit water consumption, recyclable materials, space saving to install selective sorting ...: these are the multiple solutions developed by VALENTIN.

Discover the green apartment VALENTIN in a 360 ° virtual tour.


Bold and trendy, black invites itself as a small touch or as a total look in interiors.

Discover Factory Line in a 360 ° virtual tour.


VALENTIN offers many solutions for people with reduced mobility. For kitchen and bathroom, the ingenious equipments allows easy access.

Discover the apartment dedicated to person with reduced mobility solutions in a virtual tour.


To make everyday life easier for users, VALENTIN has developed space-saving products that optimize storage space, facilitate access for people with reduced mobility and adapt to trendy sanitary appliances.

Discover the space-saving apartment in a 360° virtual tour.


Easy to install and maintain, the Appart’Hotel virtual showroom allows you to discover durable and time-saving products.

Discover the appart'hotel in a 360° virtual tour.



The extra-flat shower waste with ultra-fast flow rate and pressure cleaning system.

The fastest flow rate for an extra-flat waste : 44 l / min to guarantee the best drain for XXL shower trays.


The flatest shower waste on the market.

SMART shower waste is ideal for trendy ultra-flat trays. Its exclusive design, which guarantees an optimal flow rate for its small size (31 l / min), makes it suitable for the flow rates of a powerful handshower or multiple hydromassage sprays.


The new extra-flat shower channel is 100 % adjustable : in height, width and at the millimeter to the thickness of tiles.

Cleaning is quick and easy without tools, access is direct to the pipe.

Ideal for a walk-in-shower, design and elegant.


The complete space saving range for sinks.

Deported trap allow to save storage in the furniture and the installation of recycling bins.

The installation is up to 10 times faster than classic equipement.


The shower tray legs for extra-flat shower tray.

Easily adjustable in height thanks to the indicator and the integrated notches.

This is the solution to keep both the benefit of an extra-flat waste and an extra-flat shower tray.

SMART to be tiled

SMART to be tiled floor drain is ultra-flat.

100% adjustable, the finish is perfect for a designer walk-in shower. Access is easy for people with reduced mobility : zero jump.

Easy and tool-free access to the pipe allows a long-lasting cleaning.

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