Sales support tools

VALENTIN offers sales support tools that meet the expectations of distributors and their customers. Designed in collaboration with sector professionals, VALENTIN's displays and packaging combine structured organisation and immediate information.

Product families distinguished by colour codes, fun pictograms for VALENTIN technologies, synoptic strips, educational labels and packaging… The layout is clear and practical to help skilled craftsmen, installation companies and DIY enthusiasts find what they want. Customers are guided in the choice of solutions such as siphons, drainage, drains or hose connections. A real timesaver in-store!

VALENTIN also offers promotional boxes that showcase new products, to enliven the shelves of trade outlets throughout the year. This new design illustrates the manufacturer's 70+ years of expertise, based on values of innovation, proximity and quality of service. Currently being deployed with more than 2,000 sanitary wholesalers, this self-service display can be adjusted between 1 and 7 metres long, depending on the establishment's surface area.

The pluses of the new packaging

Clean and straightforward, standard and premium packaging provides a uniform look for a unified offer. It highlights the brand's logo, the product family according to colour, the technologies and dimensions. On the premium version for products with high added value, customers can find the products' advantages depicted in illustrations. A QR code lets them view the user manual and/or an implementation video online.

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