VALENTIN is launching two new products with excellent value for money, noticed in particular by hotels: complete kits for retro and designer washbasins with integrated wall outlet and rosette. The drain specialist for almost 80 years allows you to create a high-performance chrome drain for a healthy and trendy bathroom while saving space: the perfect combo to put an end to unsightly PVC fittings.

Space saving tubing + designer siphon + wall outlet and rosette 6086

The tubing allows the siphon to be moved towards the wall. The cleared space frees up plenty of room to optimize storage. The space gained also allows access to a wheelchair. The overall height under the sink is extremely low: 39.5 mm.

With a chrome appearance, it is very elegant and resistant to time.

The designer sink siphon is efficient and guarantees a healthy smell in the bathroom thanks to its 50 mm water seal. The flow rate of 42 l/min ensures good water drainage. The siphon adapts in height from 50 to 120 mm to facilitate the connection of the 32 mm diameter outlet.

In chrome-plated ABS, the finish is perfect under the sink with the wall outlet and the rosette and ensures a modern and elegant look.

Space saving tubing + retro siphon + wall outlet and rosette 6087

A real space saver, the chrome tubing optimizes storage under the sink or the passage of a wheelchair. The overall height under the sink thanks to the offset siphon is extremely low, only 39.5 mm.

The retro sink siphon is NF certified for its quality and compliance with French and European standards. Its 60 mm water seal provides a natural buffer against bad odors coming up from the pipes to preserve a good smell in the bathroom. The flow rate of 46 l/min is excellent.

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