As a French manufacturer specializing in sanitary equipment, VALENTIN is distinguished by the perfect harmony between tradition and innovation.

Know-how passed down over 3 generations and the performance of the R&D department provide technical solutions to support the evolution of customers' lifestyle.

Does the user want the certainty that its drain adjusts to the thickness of its basin and the countertop? VALENTIN offers a complete range of universal ABS or brass washbasin drains, usable with or without overflow.

Do extra-flat shower trays require greater flow efficiency?

The range of extra-flat drains is enriched with high-performance models: 44 liters of flow rate or 48 mm in height, each configuration has its ingenious solution.

Is space a major criterion of comfort, in the kitchen as in the bathroom? VALENTIN offers space-saving tubings that allow you to easily install sorting bins under the sink or easily replace a sink with a double sink.

The user appreciates being able to easily clean their waste to maintain a good flow?

Valentin bungs have received the Solar Impulse Label for Cleany Quick Technology, a sustainable solution for cleaning sanitary pipes easily without chemicals.

Even more, VALENTIN has always been involved in a specific life cycle of its products: recycled and recyclable packaging, integration of production waste into finished products, no water or air discharge, all our emptying operations are guaranteed for 10 years and the manufacturing monitoring of spare parts allows maximum repairability ...

In our village in Hauts de France, in Feuquières-en-Vimeu, our teams give their best every day to serve you, on time, on time and in quality. In Vimeu, we live better!

Our leitmotif has been intact since 1944: to be the best partner for your projects.

Arnaud Valentin


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