Hello Casa, Allomarcel, Ou Plombier, Plombier Gentleman, En’jo, Mesdepanneurs.fr, Cyclo Plombier…: new plumbers that are out of the ordinary.


Full of promises and committed: inventory of this new generation of plumber.

1. Plumbers available

No more multiple attempts to reach them, which sometimes lead to failure ... Connected, these plumbers are committed to a rapid response by phone or internet 24/7.

2. Quick appointment setting

No more indefinite appointments to unclog your siphon, repair your flush, seal your shower leaks ... This new generation promises quick appointments within 24 hours for emergencies.

3. A fixed price

No more surprise bills, with a number more than expected ... these plumbers offer prices defined in advance and set regardless of any complications (if the search for a leak under the sink turns into a Niagara Falls for example ...)

4. Extras

No more minimum service! These plumbers offer extras that you won't mind. The delivery of croissants, the bow tie, a plumber who arrives by bicycle… these plumbers will know how to seduce you.

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