Sun is shining, the outside temperature is pleasant and conducive to spending a long evening outdoors? It's time to take out your barbecue and once again smell that special smell that invites the conviviality of a good shared meal.

But how do you make your barbecue a success and not risk disappointing your guests with undercooked or undercooked dishes?

In this article, you will find the keys to delighting the taste buds and enjoying your evening in every way.

1. Preparation is essential

 - the location of the barbecue must be chosen carefully: sheltered from the wind to prevent the embers from blowing up and allowing the table to enjoy the somewhat unpleasant smoke. And away from vegetation: hedges, shrubs and other plantations.

- the key to successful cooking lies in the preparation of the embers. The embers will cook the meat, not the flames. To create a qualitative embers carpet, it takes 3/4 of an hour to 1 hour before starting to cook the grills.

- the use of charcoal is a possibility. Very easy to use, it can be positioned in a chimney (also called the well method) and thus create a call for air which will facilitate lighting. At the bottom of the fireplace to start the barbecue, you can place kindling, newspaper or even a fire lighter.

Using wood from your garden is also an ideal solution when possible.

- positioning the grill on the barbecue before cooking will allow it to be preheated. Its height should be high enough not to burn the food.

2. Cooking

- choice of meat

  • beef: with long fibers the meat is tastier, with short fibers the meat is more tender
  • chicken: perfect as a cutlet and even better as a marinade
  • the veal: it will be necessary to choose a thick piece to prevent it from being too dry
  • pork: same
  • lamb: delicious on the barbecue (chops, shoulder ...) this meat will retain its fat when cooked and will be tender when tasted

- the choice of fish: oily fish such as sardines or salmon should be favored (excellent unilaterally on the skin side)

- vegetables: tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, peppers ... summer vegetables will all find their place on the barbecue

- fruits: pineapple and flambéed bananas for a sweet touch

3. Tasting

The long-awaited moment has arrived: your forks!

The grills can be accompanied by sauces, mixed salads, gratins ...

4. Final step

- the fire must be smothered with ashes or with a cover

- once the grid has cooled, it is advisable to use a hard-bristled brush to remove the grease.

Can't wait for the next one!

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