The profession of artisan plumber offers great career prospects. This activity can be carried out as an employee of an existing structure or as a self-employed person.

To get started as a plumber / heating engineer, a good training is necessary. It is not always easy to find the right information on the studies to follow, the procedures to be carried out, the characteristics of this profession ...

Through this article, we explain how to become a plumber.

The missions of the plumber are:

- to install the water distribution network

- to install the water heater

- to connect sanitary equipments (sink, sink, bath, toilet, etc.)

- to assemble drains

- to repair installations

- to maintain equipments

This work can be done in professional or private premises.

1) The required qualities:

-Be in good physical condition, due to many trips, sometimes difficult working position and heavy object handling,

-Have excellent manual skills,

-An organized mind,

-Have a good commercial sense to canvass prospects and retain customers,

-Be flexible and available

2) Training required to be a plumber:

The profession of plumber is accessible with an adapted NVQ.

Additional training will allow intervention on more complex sites.

 Without A levels

• NVQ fitter in sanitary installations (ex NVQ sanitary installer),

• NVQ installer in thermal installations (ex NVQ thermal installer),

• BEP maintenance of energy and climate systems

• BEP installation of energy and climate systems

• MC (additional mention) maintenance of individual thermal equipment (1 year after the NVQ);

• MC zinc works

With A levels or equivalent

• Vocational qualification technician in energy and climate systems installation

• Vocational qualification technician of maintenance of energy and climatic systems,

• Vocational qualification in refrigeration and air conditioning,

• Vocational diploma (professional certificate 2 years after NVQ) assembler in climatic and sanitary engineering installations,

• Vocational diploma pool trades,

After the A levels

• HND - home automation energy fluids option A: climatic and fluidic engineering.

To diversify his services, the plumber must pass in addition to the additional authorizations:

• RGE: recognized as guarantor of the environment

• PGN: professional natural gas

• PGP: professional propane gas


 The trend

The construction sector is very dynamic and is looking for qualified workers. After more than 13,000 recruitments in 2019 (according to the survey on employee needs conducted by Pôle Emploi), the plumber job is one of the jobs recruiting the most.

Thanks to this, the young plumber will have no problem finding a job with an attractive salary.

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