High-tech, ecological, simplifying…: 10 start-ups that could revolutionize habits and ways of working in the construction industry.

1. Immoblade: the start-up that tames the sun

This start-up was born in 2018 and was created by Xavier Sembely after spending 20 years at Airbus as a systems engineer and project manager.

Principle ? Block the sun in summer and let it penetrate in winter by a system of panels.

Why ? Improve thermal performance and eliminate maintenance costs.

How? With a completely fixed and design system, with a personalized inclination for each facade of the building.


2. Tolteck: the quote-invoice software for building tradesmen

Tolteck has emerged since 2016 as THE software for managing quotes and invoices online. The start-up is recommended by several major players in the building industry (Cedeo, Brossette, etc.) and even fully integrated into the services offered by Point P.

Principle ? Management of quotes and invoices on ergonomic software.

Why ? Save time, simplify management and improve customer satisfaction.

How? Available on Mac, PC, tablet and smartphone, the software provides access to all of its information and features anytime, anywhere.


3. Cikaba: the modular and intuitive training app for Prevention-Safety actions

Founded in 2017 and growing, Cikaba was designed to easily manage Security receptions for all types of businesses: from an SME to a multinational. The objective is to disseminate the Safety rules to all staff regardless of the sector of activity, the public, or use and to verify their integration.

Principle ? Computerize the Safety prevention processes to save time, secure and strengthen prevention, verify the appropriation of rules, facilitate audits and inspections.

Why ? Time saving, speed, flexibility, traceability, security and compliance.

How? Quick and easy access from a simple web link and on all media. The contents are interactive (ex: quiz for validation of acquired knowledge). The test results are fed back in real time in the form of a dashboard.


4. Aglaé: the luminescent plant 100% biodegradable and without genetic modification

How about lighting up the bathroom with plants? This is the crazy gamble that the start-up Aglaé took on in 2016. After a year and a half of tests and experiments, the nutritive serum that makes all plants luminescent is born.

Principle ? A unique technology, 100% biodegradable and without genetic modification to sublimate the flowers with a luminescent effect under black light to enjoy them day and night.

Why ? Decoration, events, scenography ... The start-up sees far and aims for 2024 to design solutions to light cities and outdoor spaces to promote the greening of cities and replace electricity.

How? A fluorescent nutritive serum to order online or by quotation.


5. Lancey Energy Storage: smart heaters

The energy transition is at the heart of concerns and Lancey Energy Storage provides an answer with its radiators equipped with a lithium-ion battery.

Principle ? The radiator is efficient and makes it possible to control its electricity consumption while improving comfort. The thermostat is connected to understand and adapt to the needs and characteristics of the home. The battery stores electricity during off-peak hours, which is cheaper and less polluting and is associated with photovoltaic production: it allows up to 100% self-consumption.

Why ? Energy savings, financial savings, savings for the planet: the intelligent battery-powered heaters Lancer Energy Storage works for the energy transition.

How? It is the 1st intelligent electric heater with battery that facilitates self-consumption.


6. Equipment to share: rental of construction equipment between professionals

Since 2016, the Equipment to Share start-up has been optimizing the occupancy rate of construction equipment. The business model is based on win-win with on the one hand the owner who amortizes his expenses and on the other hand the lessor who can use machines at unbeatable prices.

Principle ? A platform or owners of construction equipment can place a rental advertisement and applicants can select the products corresponding to their expectations, at the best prices and close to their site.

Why ? Allow owners to make a return on their investments and amortize their expenses (loans, upkeep and maintenance, insurance, storage, etc.) and allow applicants to be able to rent at prices up to 50% cheaper.

How? The transaction can be done on the platform directly with a rental contract and an insurance contract. Offer may also include carrier.


7. Materr’UP: reducing the carbon footprint in the construction sector

Founded in 2018, Materr'UP has a very specific objective: to create low-carbon solutions for the building sector. With its Crosslinked Clay Cement technology, the Materr'UP binder is both efficient, innovative and economical and responds to the challenges of the energy transition.

Principle ? Produce concrete that reduces the carbon footprint on construction sites: clay concrete and site concrete. Very low carbon, derived from the circular economy, natural hygrothermal regulators ... Clay is also an abundant and recyclable raw material.

Why ? The industrial start-up's concrete recycling rate is significantly higher than that of conventional concrete and there is no loss in mechanical performance.

How? Use of local and geosourced resources to emit 80% less CO2 at equivalent cost.


8. Neolith: the revolution for the treatment of our waste

Founded at the start of 2019, the young start-up has big plans for the future. It promises the treatment of our waste in a circular economy and five times less polluting. And transforms our household and construction waste into aggregate: Anthropocite.

Principle ? Collect non-recyclable construction and household waste, treat it via the Neolith process, without emitting pollutants, and produce ecological aggregates for road and concrete underlayments called Anthropocite.

Why ? To reduce 80% of greenhouse gases linked to waste treatment and to produce aggregates, essential for the construction industry, but whose extraction is currently complex and polluting.

How? Any type of non-recycled waste is allowed. Néolithe can install its container suitable for industries near all factories or sites. For household waste, Néolithe offers the installation of a fossilizer which may be perfectly suited to communities for example.


9. Geomodeling drone: precision to the nearest centimeter

The Drone Geomodeling company has one goal: to bring data beyond the visible for construction sites, agriculture and heritage.

Principle ? Carry out topographic surveys, perform cubature calculations, do 3D modeling, map plots and vegetation indices, control inputs, count missing items and analyze the health of the vines, enhance and safeguard the heritage, carry out archaeological research, create virtual tours of tourist sites ...

Why ? Between innovation and tradition, Drone Geomodeling is at the crossroads between the evolution and conservation of our heritage and our agriculture. It also saves time and precision on construction sites.

How? Using high-performance drones, Geomodeling promises the construction, agricultural and heritage sector ultra-precise surveys.


10. Finalcad: the digitization of construction sites

Created in 2011, the company raised 35 million euros at the end of 2018. A solution developed for construction sites, the software was created to facilitate site monitoring.

Principle ? An application that offers the Building, Energy and Infrastructure industries a solution to: coordinate work by sharing information, comply with standards by completing site control sheets, identify faults, enforce processes quality, follow the progress of the site in real time, share photos of the site in real time with its employees.

Why ? Manage projects and sites via smartphone or tablet in complete safety and while respecting the expected quality. This meets the needs of general contractors (EG), project management (MOA) and project management (MOE).

How? Via an application available on smartphone or tablet and that all project stakeholders can download.


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