Plumbing is a physical profession. To practice it without hurting yourself, we advise you to adopt the right postures every day. Your body will thank you!

1. When you stoop

No more bent backs. To catch your pliers or pipe cutter on the floor, it's best to bend your legs with one foot slightly forward in front of the other. Favor using the muscles of your thighs, perineum or abs over that of your back. A support like a chair will also limit the strain on the vertebrae and lumbar region.

2. When you kneel

Kneeling for a long time is inevitable to repair a leak, change a siphon or diagnose pipes. In this position it is important to protect your knees with a cushion or a small towel. Also remember to gather your tools nearby to avoid turning around too often and working at arm's length. You also have to think about head-pelvis alignment and correct yourself regularly.

3. When you drive

The plumber's job requires daily car trips. Even for short trips, remember to lower your shoulders and pull them back regularly. To support your back on the chair, place a small cushion or a rolled towel in the small of your back. For longer journeys, breaks are essential: you have to walk and stretch for a few minutes.

4. When you are standing

Rarely seated, a plumber spends most of his day standing. To avoid the onset of pain, think as often as possible about the alignment of your head with your pelvis and feet. Adopting this posture will in the long term prevent deformities of the spine.

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